Who We Are...

The J & A Oben Foundation was created to fulfill the wish of its founders, Mrs. Anne Oben and her husband, Professor Julius Oben, to help:

  • - Children (distressed or abandoned boys and girls)
  • - Elderly people who need a better quality of life;
  • - Malnourished and /or disabled persons (young and old) such as those found in hospitals, prisons, retirement homes, refugee camps and even internally displaced persons.
  • The founders and the members consider the J & A Oben Foundation as a means to facilitating initiatives, as well as facilitate meeting with other stakeholders interested in: Sharing complete well-being for the poor. The development of dietetics and the fight against malnutrition; as it is common knowledge that there is no better medicine for the body than adequate nutrition.

    Our Mission

    To bridge the knowledge gap between food availability and a healthy lifestyle; raising awareness on the link between optimal nutrition, health and quality of life in Cameroon, Africa and the world.

    Our Vision

    To stand out in building a better world for all where social status is not an obstacle to good nutrition, well-being and longevity.

    Our Objectives

  • Promote health for all through the development of dietetics and nutrition, which are both the foundations of preventive medicines and essential for curative medicines.
  • Help malnourished children by providing them with a balanced diet made up of local food products.
  • Provide essential health care and nutrition to the elderly, the disabled, abandoned and socially disadvantaged families.
  • Help young boys and girls in distress by providing them with training enabling them to meet their breadwinning needs.
  • Offer scholarships to orphans and children of the very poor who excel in their fields of study.
  • Initiate, encourage or participate (through its branches) in the training of dietetics and nutrition professionals.
  • Improve (through its specialised branches) the teaching of dietetics and nutrition in universities and vocational schools by offering scholarships to the best learners.
  • Build a modern agricultural project to produce fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants to encourage research.
  • Leadership

    Mrs Anne Oben


    Prof Julius E Oben


    Ms Malaika Doualla